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Top Picks | Places To Shop Fashion

A week or so ago, I shared my favourite places to shop beauty (here). Today, I'm going to share my preferred places to shop fashion. I only have a few to mention because I didn't include shopping for accessories (shoes, jewelry, etc.) but I could make a post on that if requested. Anyways, I don't often shop for clothing but when I do, these are the stores I usually visit first before any others. 

Zara | I've been buying a majority of my clothes from here lately. The quality of their clothing is excellent. I love a lot of their pieces and their prices aren't too high. I feel like whenever I go on their website, they're having a sale. And the stuff on sale aren't the "ugly" stuff that they're trying to get rid of, they're actually really great finds. When I went to Montreal, the only clothes I bought were from Zara. 

F21 | Before Zara and before I found my personal style, I shopped a lot at this store. Mostly for basic/neutral pieces. Now I only shop there for their Contemporary line. I feel like that line is similar to Zara's type of clothing and that the stuff is made better than their other lines. I find a lot of cute items in that section. And of course Forever21 is super affordable! 

H&M | This store was always a favourite of mine. Not only do they sell affordable clothing, but they're actually really great quality as well. I've definitely been shopping here longer than I can remember. The only downside to it is that they don't have an online shop for Canadian customers. BUT I heard that they were going to fix that this year. So I'll definitely be picking up some more clothing from here.

Where do you usually shop for clothing? 

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