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Top Picks | Places to Shop Beauty

I have this thing where I can never seem to satisfy my need for more makeup. If you're a beauty blogger, or even just a big makeup junkie, I'm sure you can relate. We can never just have too much! I've come up with my top outlets that help me when I feel the urge to empty out my wallet.

Sephora | Majority of my makeup collection is probably from here. I love that they carry most of the popular brands so it's not a hassle when you want to purchase a bunch of stuff from different companies. It's like a one-stop shop for makeup. Most of the time when I "need" something, Sephora has it and I won't need to go looking somewhere else.

Ulta | This store is unfortunately only in the US, but I've been there a few times. So speaking on that, this place is just like Sephora only it has drugstore brands as well. From what I can recall from the times I've been, I'm pretty sure they don't carry a lot of the brands that Sephora does. But still a huge variety of brands to choose from. I always try to visit an Ulta when I take a trip to the US.

Morphe | This one has quickly become one of my faves. I mean what is there not to love about Morphe? From their inexpensive but excellent quality eyeshadows, brushes, etc. They even have a few other brands on their site (Jeffree Star, OCC..). Visiting their flagship store is on my bucket list. I'm pretty sure it's makeup brushes galore in there!

ColourPop | I own quite a few products from ColourPop. I'm a big fan of their lip products but they also carry brow, blush, contour, highlight, and a bunch of other stuff! They're products are super affordable, great quality and they're cruelty-free. If that doesn't want to make you check them out for yourself, I don't know what will. | I've never been one to splurge on a pair of false lashes. Instead, I like to buy a whole bunch of different styles for a low, low price on this website. I've been a loyal customer to them for a few years now. I don't think I've ever bought lashes elsewhere in the past 3 years (at least). They also carry a few other things including makeup, beauty accessories, and a few random bits. Whenever people ask about my lashes, I always recommend this site!

Where do you like to shop to satisfy your beauty craving?

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