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Top Picks | Makeup Brushes & Tools

When it comes to makeup, the product itself can't take all the credit for the look. The brushes you use also need praise (or sometimes, blame) after your work is done. A good makeup brush used correctly can take your look to a whole new level. That's what I found out throughout the past years of being a makeup lover. Over the years, I've collected a bunch of brushes and out of all those, I confidently picked out the ones that I consider to be my absolute favourites.

f   a   c   e   : 
beautyblender | My favourite way to put on my foundation is with a beautyblender. It's really easy to use and always gives me a flawless finish. I love that it soaks up any access product so I'm never left looking cakey. There are many makeup sponges, but I've never used one that matches up to the OG. It's a bit pricey, but I promise it's a good investment.

Morphe M527 Deluxe Pointed Powder Brush | This is the perfect brush for throwing on your bronzer. Despite it looking too big, it actually starts to taper at the ends which lets you be more precise with where you're applying your bronzer. This has made putting on bronzer so much easier and faster for me.

Morphe E3 Precision Pointed Powder Brush | I love this brush for applying powder onto my under eyes. They way that it's tapered makes it perfect for getting in that area. It's also a great use for dusting away powder after you've been baking.

Sigma F80 Flat Kabuki Brush | I've been using this in conjunction with my beautyblender lately (Jaclyn Hill taught me) to apply my foundation. But before I started using the beautyblender, this was what I used. It's great for buffing product into the skin and it doesn't leave my foundation streaky. Mine is starting to shed now, but that's probably because I've had it for a long time already. I'll be buying another soon!

Ebay Contour Brush | Who knew a brush from eBay would end up to be my absolute favourite contour brush? I sure didn't expect it. But this brush is flat and slim enough to give you a really nice contour. I've tried so many brushes for contouring and this one has to be the best I've tried so far. Best part is that it cost me less than $5.

Ebay Tapered Blush Brush | Even though this is a blush brush, I like to break the rules and use this to apply my highlight. For some reason, this brush helps me achieve the most pigmented highlight compared to when using other brushes. And again, it's an eBay bought brush!

e   y   e   s   :
Morphe M432 Flat Liner Definer Brush | Ugh, this brush is perfection when it comes to putting shadow on your lower lash line. With this, you won't have a smudgy looking lash line (that was me before I bought this brush!).

Sigma E25 Blending Brush | I've been using this brush for the longest time. It was one of my first high quality brushes. This is a great brush for blending out and applying shadow to specific areas because it's tapered.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Duo Brush | My go-to brow brush! It's from the eyebrow queen herself, how could I not buy this? Anyways, I like that the brush is stiff enough so you can control where you're putting the product. But it's not that stiff that I can't blend out the product on my brows. Oh yeah, it also has a spooly on the opposite end.

Sephora Concealer Brush | I got this from a brush set that my friend gave me long time ago. But this brush it so small that it's perfect for concealing small areas. My current use for it is when I use concealer to cancel out any mistakes I made when doing my brows.

Morphe E36 Detail Crease Brush | Can we just acknowledge how cute and mini this brush is? With it being so tiny, it makes it the ideal brush for applying shadow exactly where you want. I like to use this whenever I do a cut crease.

Luxie 205 Tapered Blending Brush | I received this brush in an Ipsy bag and I'm so glad I did. This is a brush I will use no matter what look I'm going for. Even when I'm going for a no-makeup makeup look, I'll use this to get a light wash of brown eyeshadow on my eyes and I'm set. It's the perfect brush to blend out shadows on your crease.

Do you prefer any specific makeup brush brand?

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