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Storytime | The Teen Date I Didn't Understand Until Now

I wrote my first "Storytime" a few months ago and got a lot of views on it (here). I wish I could write these more often but I feel like my life isn't that eventful. Then I remembered this memory and I couldn't help but share it with my readers. So here it is; The story of the date I didn't understand until now.

This happened when I was in grade 8. Everyone was "dating" during that time and I just so happened to be part of that mix. Anyways, at that time I was talking to this guy that I knew well. So he and I were officially a "thing" so one day he decided to take me out to the movies. 

He picked me up at around 5/6. We lived 10 minutes away from the mall so we decided to just walk there. On the way there, he suggested that we take a 'shortcut' through this townhouse complex. In the middle of walking, he stopped me and thought it was a great moment to make-out. Welp, me being careless, I clearly thought it was a great idea too and went along with it. Don't worry, it was Winter at the time so it got dark really early, so I'm sure no one saw us. The last thing I'm going to say about is: Messy

Okay so anyways, we watched one of the Twilight movies. Whichever one came out in 2008. It was a really good movie, by the way! Not as good as the book though. After the movie, we roamed around the mall and killed time (we might have ate but I can't remember). Then when the mall closed, we literally walked AROUND the mall. The perimeter. And this is when the weird thing happened. 

So we found this secluded spot outside of the mall. Mind you it was really cold. Hello Canada! So we stopped at the spot and asked me "Are you cold?" Ummm.... "Yes.." And that was his que to apparently hug me from behind while we stood against a wall. After a few minutes he asked me to get off so he could "fix himself". He then proceeded to fix his pants and belt. I asked him what was wrong and he just answered with "I just like you a lot" and an awkward smile on his face. And that was the end of it. 

Fast forward to the present, I didn't understand that up until recently. Well, I mean, I know what a boner is but this memory just came back to me a little while back. So yeah, that's the story, lol. I don't know how he got one when we were just standing there but he managed to. 

If you're wondering if we lasted, the answer is no. We ended things probably a week or so later. Despite that, we remained good friends in high school and I'd say even until now. Even though we have a lot of different things going on in our lives, we have talked here and there. And it's one of those friendships that even though you haven't seen/spoken to them in so long, once you do, it's like they were never gone. But yeah, that's that! 

The End.

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