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Product Empties #1

I've finally conjured up enough products to make a product empties post. I don't get to finish a lot of items because I don't religiously use a single product. Unless I really like the it or I only have one to use (if you know what I mean). These have been sitting in a bag in the corner of my room for the longest time, so I figured I'd finally share them with y'all.

Atomy Toner | This was actually my second bottle and I'm currently on my third. This stuff has done a great job at keeping away and/or vanishing my problem spots. Before using this, I would get random small breakouts. I've been religiously using this and the only time I ever break out is around the time I get my period. I love this product but I'm looking for new skincare products to try. Suggestions are welcomed! Would I repurchase? Maybe.

Atomy Lotion | Another product I've been using religiously for the past year and a half. This lotion actually works to capture moisture from the air to keep your skin hydrated for 24 hours. I feel a big difference when I use this versus another face cream. My skin feels noticeably moisturized when I use the Atomy Lotion opposed to other products. Would I repurchase? Yes.

MAC Fix+ | I love this stuff. I use this every time I do my makeup. I probably over due it when I realize I've sprayed my face about 10 times within the past 5 seconds, but it's okay. I pretty much bathe in this stuff and I'm proud! This really helps to take away any cakey or powdery look I may have when I apply makeup. Would I repurchase? Yes. Already have. 

NYX Micro Brow | This has to be the best drugstore brow pencil ever. I picked this out, when I went to Florida last year, on a whim and I actually fell in love with it. If you can't bring yourself to buy the ABH Brow Wiz then just get this. I promise you won't be disappointed! Would I repurchase? Yes. Already have.

Burt's Bee Replenishing Lip Balm | I've actually finished two of these. I didn't even buy these. When I go over to my boyfriend's house and I forget to bring some lip balm, he lets me use this. They somehow mysteriously make their way to my house. I don't really care for lip balm so I just use whatever's laying around. The ones I've used are made with pomegranate oil so they smell really good. They do an okay job at moisturizing my lips, but it doesn't last too long. Would I repurchase? No. 

Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer | Ugh! Why must this stuff be so expensive? This is my holy grail primer. Whenever I wear this my makeup just looks so much better. Everything glides on smoothly, powders apply much better. This stuff is literally heaven in a bottle. I've already repurchased another and it's almost done. I definitely have to pick up the bigger size next time. Would I repurchase? Yes. Always. 

Which products will you always repurchase?

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