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My Favourite YouTubers

This Summer has been a busy one for me and I have to admit that I've been falling behind with watching all the YouTubers I'm subscribed to. In the Winter, when I'm all couped up in the house, I'm usually on top of all my videos. But since it isn't the season for me to religiously watch YouTube videos, I realized which channels I'm loyal to. When I do have time to watch video, I don't go through the latest uploads. Instead I click on specific channels and that's how I found out which YouTubers are in fact my favourite.

One of the first beauty gurus that I came across was Jaclyn Hill. I'm sure a lot of you know of her, if not from YouTube then from her recent collab with Becca Cosmetics. I've been watching her for a few years now. She has such a bubbly personality and her makeup is always perfect! I love that in her videos she seems so honest and real, unlike other YouTubers. I've learned a lot of makeup tips and tricks from her throughout the years.

Another beauty guru I've been watching is Desi Perkins. I found her channel and subscribed a couple of years ago but didn't start to really watch her until I found out that she was one of the main people for Ipsy. That was when I decided to follow her on Snapchat and I had a peak into her personal life. I found her to be really funny and cool and that's when I really started to watch all her YT videos. She works wonders with makeup. No matter what, she always slays!

Stepping aside from the makeup community, Samantha Maria has become one of my fashion inspirations! I've also been watching her for a while. I've always adored her style and her personality. She's such a fun individual to watch and I love hearing her talk in her accent - haha!

The next channel(s) I was introduced to by my brother. I would always see him watching these people talk around a table and I was curious so one day I decided to watch a video from JustKiddingNews. After one video, I was hooked. They are such funny people and I really like watching them just be themselves and  not filter any of their opinions on topics. They also have a channel called JustKiddingParty which I enjoy even more. They play a ton of fun games and it's just great. You just have to see for yourselves!

MsAaliyahJay is a YouTuber I found more recently. She is a beauty guru that does amazing looks but she also has really funny Storytimes. Those are my favourite type of videos from her. She's a great story teller and even if her videos are like 20 minutes long, she still has me laughing all the way through.

Last but not least, Justin Marcus. He's actually a friend of MsAaliyahJay and he does really funny Storytimes as well. Again, I don't know how to describe it but it's just one of those channels that you have to watch for yourselves. But just a warning, if your sensitive to some things, I don't guarantee you'll like the last three mentioned. 

Have you watched any of these YouTubers? Who are your faves?

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