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Five Places I Want To Visit

If we were to talk about vacation destinations, I don't think I could say much. I've only been to a handful of places in the US and the only place I've flown to is the Philippines. There's so much in the world that I haven't been exposed to that I want to be exposed to. It was really hard for me to come up with my top five places I dream to visit, but I think I've got it.

I'd really love to travel to Hawaii. If you know me, I hate the cold. The weather and beaches are enough reason for me to pick this as a destination to migrate to during the winter months. I'm also really interested in their culture. I always loved the idea of luaus and hula dancing. Another warm destination I want to visit is Tahiti. From what I see in photos, the place looks so beautiful. The clear water is perfect to swim and I definitely want to experience a Polynesian spa. Those overwater huts was always something I wanted to see in person. Stepping away from the hot climate, another destination on my bucket list is London. There are so many iconic attractions there that I wanna see (Buckingham Palace, Big Ben) and the whole place just looks so nice. I also really want to go there to do some retail therapy. Keeping in Europe, I'd also like to go to Amsterdam. I'm pretty sure the movie Deuce Bigalow European Gigalow influenced that a little, but probably not because of what you think. In that movie, I really fell in love with the canals running through the city. That and the bridges that come with them is what I really wanna see. My final destination of choice is Japan. I love sushi and I feel like if I ever do go to Japan, that's all I'd eat. Shopping is definitely going to be a must for me. They have a bunch of stores that Toronto doesn't have. Other than that, I know Japan has a lot of beautiful places to visit and breathtaking scenery to see. 

Which places are you dying to visit?

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