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Boyfriend Explains Beauty Products

I've seen a bunch of bloggers doing this tag. A lot of the answers that men have for these questions are so funny so I thought I would do this with my boyfriend. I hope he's been keeping up with my blog and has been paying attention, haha. Enjoy his answers! 

W h a t   i s :
Primer: It's the foundation to the makeup and it makes you glossy.
Foundation: It's the first step to baking (whaaaat?)
Concealer: To conceal pores and ugly stuff
BB Cream: To lighten up the skin tone and a debuffer (what's that?) It's to take away something! 
Brow Pencil: For your brows duh. Colour them in
Spooly: It's to clean your brows?
Bronzer: It darkens the tone
Contour: It edges anything out (what do you mean?) Shades you out! 
Highlighter: It lightens you up 
Blush: It's like pinkish on the skin
Eyeshadow: It's for under the eyes or around it
Loose Pigment: Colour discolouration? 
Mascara: Eye lash darkener 
Falsies: Fake eye lashes
Lip Liner: It adds colour to around the lips?
Setting Spray: It's for after the makeup to spray all over the face
Strobing: Sounds sexual but is it like a shade?
Multimasking: Putting more than one makeup at a time
Toner: To make you darker
Serum: It's a botox (what the f*ck?!?)
Micellar Water: That's the holy water for after everything is done.... Slay.

Have you done this tag? Drop a link in the comments so I can read it! 

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