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August Goals & July Update

Wow, July went by so fast and it was a busy one for me. That may or may not be my excuse for failing to complete most of my goals for the month. Let's start with the things that I did achieve: thanks to my road trip and Pokemon Go, I've successfully been going on daily walks. I also did manage to pull out a few oldies from the collection. If you read my Current Foundation on Rotation, then you'd know a few I've been using. I got a trim (June goal) and the hair dresser told me my hair was damaged, so I bought a new shampoo. I'll do a review on that soon! Annnnnd.. that's about all the things I've achieved this month. I failed to read more book because of how busy this month has been, with all the travelling and other stuff (Pokemon Go). Lastly, I didn't get to find any new sunglasses. Mostly because where I travelled to wasn't as warm as I expected it to be, so I didn't feel the need to find any. Hopefully I'll be better in reaching these goals:

01. Get Back to Business
Like I mentioned, July was a busy month for me. Now that things are starting to get back to normal, I plan to work more on my blog than I have been for the past few weeks. There's such a great feeling in finishing multiple posts in a day and I haven't had that feeling in a while.

02. Go Pokemon hunting in Downtown Toronto
This is such a nerdy goal but the app has been out for the longest time already and I still haven't experienced it in a really populated area. I have been to a few Pokestops where there were a bunch of lures dropped and a bunch of people, but I don't think that compares to how crazy it gets in Downtown Toronto.

03. Find Some New Skincare Products
I've been on the hunt for some new skincare products to replace some of the things I'm using currently. The products I use now are good but they're a hassle to get. I'd much rather prefer something that I can get at a store instead of online. Specifically I'm looking for a daily cleanser, any suggestions?!

04. Take More Poloroid Pictures
I bought a bunch of film and had a bunch gifted to me earlier this year. They've just been sitting in a drawer but I want to finally make use of them. Kayla's really been into filling up a little album I have for it so I'm sure we could use a bunch of them up this month!

05. Enjoy The Last Month of Summer Vacation
This is the last month before everyone goes back to school in September (including Kayla's daddy). So I hope to spend a lot of time with the family before we have to start stressing over matching schedules just to do something fun. I'm also planning to bring Kayla to a fair that happens at the end of Summer each year (CNE/The Ex).

Did you set any goals for last month? Did you achieve them?

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