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My Makeup Vanity | Updated

Not a lot has changed with my makeup vanity since the last time I posted about it. But then again, there have been some changes. I moved around some stuff in my room and Kayla got a big dollhouse that takes up a lot of space in our room. So I had no choice to make a few changes. Starting with a drawer that fit just under my vanity shelf. On there, I moved my MUJI case and a couple of other things. Inside the first drawer, I actually store all my makeup in so that I have easy access to it when I need to use something. On the shelf, I only have a few things on the side, including my brushes and a few small makeup products. As for things that didn't change, I still have yet to buy lights for my little area. I temporarily move my mirror on the other side when I do my makeup because it's right next to the window and I have much better lighting to beat my face. Hopefully the light situation changes in the next time I do another update on my vanity. I also wanted to buy a few art pieces to hang on the empty wall space.

I need some vanity inspiration! Comment links to your makeup vanity posts down below!

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