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How I Edit My Photos

Before & After
When it comes to blogging, editing your photos can make the biggest difference. Back when I started, I didn't edit any of my pictures. But when I started to, my blog looked a lot more 'professional'. Anyway, to spruce up my pictures I use an app called VSCO. While the app has many features and filters, but I only use 6 out of their many options. 

The first tool I use is exposure. This lets me brighten or darken my photo. I usually brighten my pictures. The only time I darken them is if the photo was naturally high in exposure. The next tool I use is temperature. This has to be my favourite tool. I hate it when a picture is so warm. Adjusting the temperature can make a picture more cool - which makes any white in my photo the nicer type of white (if that makes sense). The contrast tool is one that I don't really use as much as the others but is still worth mentioning. Changing the contrast of your picture increases or decreases the tones. I usually increase the contrast to make the tones stand out more. In my opinion, an important tool to apply to your pictures is the sharpen tool. This makes your picture more, well, sharp. It brings out all the details. Playing with the saturation tool can fix the vibrancy of a photo. I use this tool to match the colours in the photo with the actual colours in real life when editing pictures of products. The last tool I use is the shadow save. If the original picture I have has really harsh shadows, I use this to slightly lighten them. This also makes the photo more 'white'. 

What apps do you use to edit your photos?

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