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DIY: Fix Shattered Makeup

This has been long overdue but I finally got around to fixing my MAC Soft & Gentle highlighter that shattered on me more than a year ago. I didn't think I would ever use it again until I found out that you could actually fix it at the comfort of your own home (thank you Pinterest). After reading a bunch of how-tos, this is how I fixed my broken makeup.

I poured all the contents of the product into a Ziplock bag and crushed it until it was fully powder. I read somewhere that if you do this, you turn your product into a loose pigment (which is what it was before the factory put it into it's pan). To reform it into a pressed pigment, I returned the product into the pan and poured small amounts of alcohol into it at a time. You want to put enough alcohol so that the texture turns paste-like. 

After I got the product to a mouldable consistency, I used a small tool than I found in my house to spread it evenly throughout the pan and to smooth it out. The photo above shows the product right after I finished moulding it as nicely and smoothly as I could (after this photo was taken, I later on smoothed it out even more with my finger which worked even better). I then put it aside and waited 24 hours for the alcohol to evaporate.

This is how it looked after over 24 hours. I swatched it and it's still pigmented. And when I applied it, it's like it was never broken. It applies perfectly fine! I'm really grateful for finding this hack because I don't feel like I wasted money anymore and it saved one of my favourite highlighters.

Have you tried this method before? How did it work for you?

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