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5 Ways To Revamp Your Blog

Do you ever get bored of layout or design of your blog? I do. I've changed my layout numerous times (more than I can count on one hand) in the past 5 months. I think I've finally found a layout that I like but sometimes I have to throw in something new to re-excite me! Here are a few things that I like to do from time to time to give my blog a little spruce-up.

Update Photos | Update your profile picture on your blog. I actually updated my sidebar picture recently. I found that my old one was too dark for my blog theme, while my current photo goes with my theme perfectly. So find a picture or take a new one, that matches your theme. It'll look so much better! 

Add New Sidebar Widgets | Pick out some new widgets to add to your sidebar. I love the little Instagram grids. I think social media buttons are a must! I got mine from this site. I don't have this one, but I also like those wish lists slideshows on some blogs. You could even add a few badges. I have the BrandBacker and the Bloglovin' badges currently. 

Change Your Theme Colour | I did this recently too. For the longest time, my theme colour was a dark yellow. I changed it to a peachy-pink colour and I fell in-love with my blog all over again! This could be the simplest thing but it really does make a difference. 

Update Your Pages | Make sure all your pages are up to date! What you wrote a few months ago on your About page could have changed, so make sure to update that! Also, update your Contact Page if you have one. Make sure all your links are working and if you have a contact form, test it out to see if it works. You could also add a new page. I just recently created my Disclaimer page. 

Switch Up Your Blog Layout | If all else fails and you're still not happy with your blog. Go ahead and switch up your whole layout! I have so much fun looking for new themes. Sometimes I wish I could combine a few to make the perfect blog layout. But anyways, when you do find a new layout that you like and get bored of it, come back and re-try these tips! 

Which widgets do you have on your sidebar?

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