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Storytime | Crazy Ex-Boyfriends

I'm sure we all had that one (or many) crazy ex-boyfriend/girlfriend at some point in our lives. There're the ones that keep their cool in the beginning, then start showing a lil crazy during, then completely loco at the end. Or there're the ones who are just flat out f'n insane. Well, this story is about one of those.

Having boyfriends/girlfriends became a huge thing (for some reason) when I was in elementary. Everybody was dating around. But just to clarify: It wasn't like having sex and whatnot. It was just strictly hugging and/or little pecks on the lips. So, this story takes place when I was in grade 6. I had just moved to Scarborough and into a new school. I'm pretty sure it was around winter of that school year, but basically, this one guy in my class "asked me out" (aka asked me to be his girlfriend). I said yes for some reason, but that's beside the point. Anyways, we were together (aka bf/gf) for more or less than two weeks.

During recess one day, I was hanging out with my friends on these stair steps when one of the guy's friends came up to me and tells me that our relationship is over. Following that, this dumb ass (the now ex-boyfriend of mine) comes up to me with a new girl and starts kissing her in front of my face. So I'm just standing there thinking what the f*ck is happening? But I'm not sad/hurt or anything, it's not like I loved him. It was just awkward because I'm just sitting there wondering what his goal in this was. Lol. Anyway, I'm fine and go on about my day until it's time to go home. And that's where the craziness comes.

So I'm at home, doing whatever my 11 year old self did back then. When all of a sudden the phone rings. I get up and go to check the caller ID. What do you know? It's the lunatic. I pick up and say hello, then he disconnects the call. That happened one or two more times. So I started to get annoyed. He kept calling my house phone (mind you, he knows my dad is strict about me and boys) and hanging up. So the next few times, I pick up and hang up right after. That's when my dad notices what's happening. Next thing I know, my dad picks up the phone and starts talking to this kid. My dad's asking him what his name was and how he knew me. This guy had the nerve to say he was my boyfriend.

You'd think this guy was already crazy for trying to make me feel jealous or whatever, and ringing up my house phone. Now he's claiming he's still my boyfriend? For what? To get me in trouble? That's the thing I didn't understand. Why was he trying to get me in trouble like I did something bad to him? After all, he was the one who broke up with me and did me wrong.

Long story short, my dad went on Hulk mode and I got in trouble for having a "boyfriend".

The End.

Do you have a crazy boyfriend story?

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