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Let's Talk | Adapting to Motherhood

Being a new mom brings in many changes to your life. Once upon a time, you only had to take care of yourself. Then one day, you have a mini me(s) running around that needs your attention. Here are some of the things that come with being a mom:

1. Having to clean more than your own mess | Instead of only having to clean your own clutter, you have to now worry about your little one's mess, from toys, food bits, and spills. Or in some cases, you'll have to clean up after three people: yourself, your baby, and the baby's daddy.

2. Not having the luxury to go out any time you'd like | Being able to go out on your own any time you wanted may seem like a distant memory to some. If you can't find anyone to watch over your child for a few hours, the odds of you going out are likely not in your favour.

3. Only free time you have is when they're asleep | What comes along with having a child, is that you also don't have a lot of free time for yourself. Basically, the only free time you have is when they're asleep. But how long can they really nap for? An hour or less may not be enough for what you plan to do with your free time.

4. Multi-tasking | Without spare time, you have to get used to doing dozens of things all at the same time. Mothers are probably the best multi-taskers on this planet.

5. Having two shadows | Aside from your own shadow, your kiddie adds one more. Sometimes, all your baby wants to do is be with you. Even if it means watching you use the washroom. Lol.

6. Spending money  | Naturally, you spend more money when you have a child. But does anyone else catch themselves spending on other than the necessities for their child? I find that whenever I do have the chance to go out on my own, I just have to buy something to bring home to my daughter.

7. Sharing food  | This can go both ways. You either have to share something you like to eat. Or they "share" something that they don't like to eat.

8. Watching your favourite shows | No more Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars for me. The only thing on my TV lately are cartoon shows. But with that little bit of free time and a PVR, I don't have to sacrifice everything.

9. No such thing as sick days | For those times you feel a bit off, you still put your child first. Even if it means pushing through the day while not being at your best. There's no breaks when it comes to motherhood.

10. Patience | Patience is something you definitely have to have when you become a mother. Being able to keep your cool with your child in every situation is very important. With patience, the home is more peaceful and everyone feels loved and respected.

There are many things you have to give up or compromise to after having a baby. But at the end of the day, it doesn't matter. Because the gift of a child is much more greater than what you had to sacrifice.

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