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Blogging Essentials

When it comes to blogging, I'm sure every blogger has a routine or particular items that help them get the job done. For me, I have a few things that keep me organized and to ensure I get all my posts done on time. One of the things I use is a simple notebook. I don't have a fancy one, it's just from the dollar store. But I use it to jot down blogpost ideas and dates for when I plan to post them. Another thing that I use to keep my self organized is a planner. I bought a Kate Spade planner and it's come in very handy. I use it everyday and write in whenever I need to work on stuff for my blog, when posts should be up, etc. Of course, how would any blogging be done without a computer/laptop? I own a MacBook Pro. It's a few years old but still gets the job done! Aside from that, I like to keep some of my files (photos and videos) on an external hard drive. For two reasons: in case my laptop does some funny business & because it takes up a lot of space on my laptop. So, my WD My Passport Ultra (1TB) comes in very handy for that. Lastly, one of my faves: my DSLR. I love playing around with it and shooting photos for my blog. The model I have is the Canon 60D and the lens that I paired with it is the Canon EF-S 24mm f/2.8 STM

And that's that!
What is one of your blogging essentials?

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