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5 Things

Does anybody remember the song 7 Things by Miley Cyrus? In the song, she sang about the 7 things she hated and loved about this guy. Well, this has just about the same concept. I got my boyfriend, Darwin, to join in on this post with me. Let's see if he dares to list 5 things on the hate list, haha.

The love list :
Darwin ]
1. Her smile
2. She keeps it real 100% of the time
3. Her sense of humour
4. She's Intelligent
5. She stays positive

The dislike list :
[ Darwin ]
1. Amount of makeup shopping she does
2. When she pinches/pokes me and squeezes my nose
3. When she ignores me when she's upset
4. She takes too long to do her makeup
5. ------

The love list : 
Nicole ]
1. He never leaves me alone when I'm upset/sad
2. He's always there for Kayla and I 
3. He's always patient with me
4. He has a good sense of style
5. When he walks around without a shirt on

The dislike list :
Nicole ]
1. When he gives a random answer to my questions
2. He always has his voice on high volume
3. My room always ends up messy when he comes over
4. When he rages over video games
5. He's picky with his food

What's your biggest pet peeve with your significant other?

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