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Potty Trained in a Week Challenge

Happy Satur-yay indeed! 

With my little one just turning 3, I realized that she would be going to school next year. Then the realization that she was still in diapers hit me. I figured that it was finally time to start potty training her. I've read online that some children could be potty trained within a week. Without reading the articles, I put myself (and little Kayla) to the challenge. So here's a little 7 day re-cap of how it went down: 

Day One: First day. We woke up pretty late today (around 11am). I brought Kayla to the washroom to take off her pull-up and switch over to a panty. Surprisingly, she didn't wet her pull-up at all. I put it on at 10pm last night and it was still completely dry this morning. Anyways, I put her onto the toilet and she went. I've been asking her if she wanted to use the washroom every few minutes or so. - 2 1/2 hrs in, no accidents. I just let her sit on the toilet and she went again. So far so good. - First accident of the day at 2:40pm. It's funny because I asked her if she had to use the washroom literally 10 seconds before she screamed "Mommy, it's wet!" - Kayla asked to go to the washroom and went successfully. - Just when things are going good, they don't. But in all fairness, it wasn't her fault that she had a little mishap. I went to grab the iPad upstairs and she was yelling that she needed to go. I couldn't get to her in time. So she's now wearing her third panty of the day. - It's 6:14pm now and she hasn't had an accident since. She's been asking to go to the washroom a couple of times but some of them she didn't actually pee. - I put a pull-up on her at around 8pm because she had another accident. After 30 minutes, she ended up going number 2 in the pull-up. - She's going to be sleeping in a pull-up for a while longer just in case she wets the bed. But yeah, that ends day one.

Day Two: This morning her pull-up was pretty wet. But that's probably because she had it on since 8pm last night. It wasn't completely soaked though. - She had a little accident and came running to me right after. As soon as I put her onto the toilet, she let go some more pee that she tried to hold in. I think that's a good sign. - Again, a step back. Around 2:30pm, she had an accident while I was cleaning the house. -  Around 5pm, she accidentally went number 2 in her panty. I put her on the toilet and gave her a little scare of what would happen if she did that again. -  It's currently 9:30pm and she hasn't had any accidents since the last. Some times she tells me she needs to go and sometimes I just bring her in to sit on the toilet. All times, she went potty. I'd say she's doing really good, considering it's only the second day. 

Day Three: Today, her pull-up was completely dry! She even came into the washroom while I was in there to tell me that she had to pee. - Not even an hour later, she asked me to go to the bathroom because she had to poop. And she did! I think she's getting used to it already. - It's been 3 hours and she still hasn't had any accidents. I'm really surprised. She's been to the washroom at least 3 times already. - It's currently 10:30pm and I'm proud to say that Kayla hasn't had any accidents at all today! Yay! There were times when I brought her to the washroom and times when she asked to go to the washroom. Though I'm still going to put a pull-up on her just in case. 

Day Four: Another day with her pull-up dry! I don't think she's going to be one of those kids who wet their beds. I may let her only wear her underwear during the night soon. - No accidents today. But still going to have her wear a pull-up tonight. 

Day Five: I feel like these updates are getting shorter each day. I didn't even need to go on and write today. It's already time to sleep and I'm proud to report that she hasn't had any mishaps. Something new though, I tried not to ask her if she needed to go every now and then. When she needed to go, she told me. So that's going really good. She'll still be wearing a pull-up tonight. But I'm probably not going to put her in one tomorrow night. 

Day Six: Again, I didn't need to come on here to update that much. No accidents again today. I didn't ask her at all today if she needed to use the washroom, allowing her to let me know when she needed to go. Tonight I'm going to have her sleep in her underwear. Hopefully that goes well! 

Day Seven: Kayla didn't wet the bed last night. I'm so proud! And for the final test, we went out! Being safe, I put a pull-up on her. But to my surprise, while we were out she didn't dare to soil her pull-up. She asked to go to the washroom and held it in until we were able to find a washroom. 

A few tips I would give for potty training your little one:
  • Let your child wear underwear during the day. When they feel the uncomfortableness when they have an accident, they won't want to feel it again. 
  • Have your child sit on the toilet every now and then and encourage them to do their business. 
  • When your child does use the toilet, celebrate. This will let them know that they're doing something right, making them want to do it again. 
  • PATIENCE. Have patience. Remember that not every kid is the same. Some learn faster or slower than others. Your child will learn at his/her own pace. Just have patience and don't give up. 

With all that said, I just wanted to say that I'm really proud of Kayla for learning so fast and being so cooperative throughout the whole potty training process. As a new mom, I didn't know what to expect. I certainly didn't expect her to get it within three days, but she did. So goodbye diapers, hello panties!

If you're a parent, how long did your child take to be potty trained?

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