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Let's Talk: Tattoos

Tattoos, back in the day, were only usually seen on "criminals" or "gang members". Today, everybody seems to have them. Regular people, who live regular lives, may have one or, maybe, a few tattoos. In the current generation that we live in, it's completely normal to have them and it's a way for people to express themselves through art. I, myself, have a total of 5 tattoos. Which I'll be talking in depth about today.

I got my first tattoo at the age of 15. Placed on my wrist, it is an ambigram of my parents' names. For those who don't know, an ambigram is an art form of a word that when it is rotated, it can read the same word or a new word. On mine, one way it reads "Marcial" (my dad's name) and when read the other way, it says "Dionisia" (my mom's name). I had this tattoo done by a friend who was a new tattoo artist. As a new artist and a friend of mine, he gave me a discount on it, pricing this piece at $30.

My second tattoo is located on my back, going down my spine. It is my birthday in roman numeral form. Sometimes, I regret getting this but hey, it still looks pretty cool. So it'll do. Again, this was done by my friend that did my first tattoo. It was maybe a week or two after I got it as well. This one cost me $60.

This tattoo was a "spur of the moment" type of tattoo. I got this tattoo in June or July of 2011. Darwin and I randomly decided to get matching tattoos literally that day. We both got the number 69 on our ring fingers and each others' names on the inner part of the finger. By the way, the "69" symbolizes June 9th (the day we were official). This one, though, means a lot to me because when I got it, a lot of people thought it was stupid. We were together for a month or less when we got this tattoo. A lot of people doubted us and said "what if you guys break up?". But look at us now, it's almost been 5 years since we got that tattoo, and we're still together. -- I got this poorly done at a ghetto store in a plaza for $80. Crazy.

This is the most basic tattoo that I have, lol. It seems like everyone was getting this somewhere on their body at the time. And I just so happened to fall into that group of people. Anyways, this dreamcatcher was done by an artist I was introduced to who had been tattooing for several years. This one cost $160.

My most recent tattoo has to be my favourite. I'm almost certain that I got this late 2013. It's Kayla's name with a big rose next to it. This one is pretty self explanatory. My daughter's name is Kayla Rose. I had this one done by the same guy who did my dreamcatcher tattoo, for $130.

Now that I've covered all my tattoos, how about a little Q&A?

Q: Did it hurt? Which tattoo hurt the most?
A: To be honest, I think I have a really high pain tolerance, so they didn't really hurt. 
But if I had to choose which one gave me some discomfort, I'd have to say the 
one on my finger.

Q: Do you regret any of them?
A: I slightly regret my dreamcatcher because it is way too basic for my liking. Also, I 
mentioned that I kind of regret the one on my spine. I wish I had waited
for a more important date to pass, like Kayla's birthday. But at the time, I 
was young and all my tattoos are just memories of my teenage years, so it's fine.

Q: Do you worry about how it will look when you're old?
A: Not really. Like I mentioned, it's so normal to have tattoos nowadays 
that it's going to be nothing shocking to see when you're old. 

Q: What do your parents think about them?
A: They were born in the times where tattoos were only for a specific type 
of people. But when I get my tattoos, I don't tell them and they just have 
to live with the fact that it's on my body forever. My dad wasn't too fond of my tattoos
but somehow he loves to show off my tattoo that has his name, so?

Q: Would you ever get them removed?
A: Probably not. I think it'll cost more than the tattoo itself and I've read
that it hurts more than actually getting it. So no, I wouldn't. But I do have thoughts
of getting coverups. Darwin and I have thought of covering up our finger tats with 
something better but still represents us. 

Q: Do you plan on getting more?
A: Yes. I do. I don't know what as of yet, but I know I want to get more.

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