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Review | Biore Baking Soda

I was sent two of Bioré's new Baking Soda cleansers*. One of them is an everyday cleanser while the other one is an exfoliator that should be used only a few times per week. Their website claims that they dissolve oil and dirt while gently exfoliating your dry skin. They also claim that it cleans and tightens your pores all the while leaving your skin smooth and looking healthy. After trying these out for a few weeks, this is how my experience went: 

Baking Soda Pore Cleanser* (right)
First Impression | Very convenient packaging (pump). It has little beads that, I guess, exfoliates your skin. They aren't rough on your face unlike some other beads. It's actually really gentle. This product has a, I would say, citrus scent to it.

Overall Review | This is an OK everyday cleanser. Although it cleans the face and exfoliates, the baking soda does dry out your skin. If you don't have a good moisturizer to put on after (or if you don't moisturize at all), it may make you oilier than you should be, since the body will start producing more if it is too dry. As for the claims, it does exfoliate well thus making my skin smooth. But I find that my skin is less radiant when using this product as opposed to using my regular cleanser.

Baking Soda Cleansing Scrub* (left)
First Impression | This one is very different from every exfoliator I've used. It's literally powder is a jar. I didn't dare to sniff it while in it's powder form, but once added to water, it had a pleasing fresh scent. It gives your face a tingly and minty feeling afterwards.

Overall Review | So basically, you have to add water to it in order for it to activate and be used as an exfoliator. Depending how much water you add to it, that's how intense the exfoliating will be. I find that pretty cool, you get to pick how gentle or rough it would be. That would be good for people with sensitive skin. As for exfoliating, it does the job well. Though, I'm not sure if it will be replacing my current exfoliator.

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Products marked with a (*) were sent to me.

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