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Travel | Summer Vacation 2015

Since the Canadian Dollar isn't doing so good, my family and I might not be able to travel to the US like we usually do every summer. Very unfortunate, but I'm still thankful for all the years we did have the chance to go.

Last year, we went on a road trip to Daytona Beach, Florida. There were a lot of photos taken so it was hard to choose which ones to put on here. But here are a few that I thought was worthy enough to share with you all:

On this trip, we went with my boyfriend, Darwin, and my 2 cousins, Madelle & Maribeth. This picture was taken under a gazebo at Union Point Park in New Bern, North Carolina. NC was one of our stopovers on the way to Florida. 

I believe this photo was also taken in New Bern, NC. My dad loves fishing. He caught a variety of fish, including, shipheads, white bass. This spot was near the resort we were staying at. Something scary, there were warning signs for alligators in the area. 

Visiting the downtown area of New Bern, we visited a historical site. This was the birthplace of Pepsi. The drink was created at this very spot in the year 1893. One hundred and twenty-three years ago. 

A family picture inside the store. Inside, they had tons of pictures of the growth of Pepsi through the years. And when you crossed the room, it leads into a store where you can enjoy the drink itself. After this, we ate lunch at a place called Captain Ratty's Seafood & Piano Bar.

Leaving New Bern, we stopped by another historical site, Fort Macon State Park. This is where the Battle of Fort Macon was fought in 1862. There were rooms that you could visit and see artifacts from the time it was used. It showed things like what the army men would eat and where they would sleep. 

We also had a one night stay at Pooler, Georgia. Before continuing our trip to Florida, we stopped by an outlet mall in Savannah, GA. 

Finally, we made it to Florida State. This was taken at the Welcome Centre. Kayla and Darwin's first time in Florida. They're famous for their oranges and we got to have a taste of some of their OJ. 

After a few hours, we got to our final destination: Daytona Beach, FL. This was the first picture I took when we got there. The view from the lobby level of our resort. We were right next to the beach. 

This is the view from a pier on the beach. Our resort was the tall, white building on the right. We had good times playing in the ocean, waiting around for the waves. 

Daytona Lagoon was a huge place that had an arcade, mini golf, go-karting, and a huge water park. 

Eating some fresh crabs and oysters. Can you believe we all wrecked it in less than 2 hours. Maybe even less than 1 hour. It was really good, especially with some melted butter, mmmmm.

This was on the last full day in Daytona. We had some lunch at Johnny Rockets. While waiting for our food, the servers and cooks all danced to Staying Alive. 

Our last night in Daytona, we enjoyed a live band beachside. Although it wasn't the type of music that we typically listened to, it was still good entertainment. 

There were a lot of things that happened aside from these pictures. It was a fun and memorable trip. This was the second time I went to Florida. If you remember from my pregnancy post, I mentioned that I was pregnant when I went to Florida in 2012. A three year time skip and I was joined with my boyfriend and daughter. I wonder what changes in my life there will be if I visit FL again in the future.

"The world is a book and those who do not
travel, read only one page."
- St. Augustine

Note: Shoutout to Paul Merza for some of these pics. 

Stay Tuned: Birthday thoughts. 

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