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2015 Yearbook Preview

I didn't have this book yet before I made the Shutterfly post. 
But now I do, so I thought I would share a few pages with my readers. 

This is the cover page. It just has the year 2015 and a picture of Kayla. The house in the background is actually a little gardening shed (I believe) at my aunt's house in New York. 

This is a page spread of Kayla's 2nd birthday. There are pictures of her with her cake and some family pictures. 

Here's another page spread. These were pictures of mostly Kayla and her uncle, Gryphon, at the beach playing in the sand. The little embellishment on the top says "Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat,"

This is a page dedicated to our family in the Philippines who came to visit us last summer. The pictures included on this page are photos from Marineland, Quebec, and other places.

A #selfie page. One with her Tatay (my dad) and another one with her Lolo (Darwin's dad). And surprise, surprise... Four with me, haha.

This picture was taken at Tania's (Darwin's sister) debut. 

One of the last few pages is the this one, the Christmas page. These were just a few family photos we took before we went to the Christmas party. (sorry ma, the glare just had to go right on you)


Note: Please excuse the glare on some of the pictures. I really need to educate myself more on photography. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed these pictures from our new yearbook! 

Stay Tuned: Flashback to Summer Vacay 2015.

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