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Reaching Our Destination

It was the evening of my 19th birthday, March 22, 2013. My family, boyfriend, and I had just finished having dinner at Swiss Chalet. We brought Darwin to work before going home. I was just about settled in bed when something strange happened.
I felt a gush of water run out of my system. This was a new experience for me so I called my mom in and asked her what just happened. She told me that she thought my water broke. I specifically remember tweeting "Dude.. I think my water just broke lmao". Even though my water broke, I knew I couldn't go to the hospital until my contractions were whatever minutes apart. And at that time, the contractions were mild, even more tolerable than period cramps. Crazy of me to think that was the worst of it.

After a while, the contractions got even stronger and that's when I decided it was time to go to the hospital. On the way there, I called Darwin and told him that it might be time. He had to leave work and said he would meet us at the hospital. Also, while on the way there, water just kept pouring out of me, all the way to the labour and delivery unit.

Next, after being admitted in, I was hooked up to a machine where they tracked a bunch of things, like the baby's heartbeat and my contractions. And that's when things started to get hectic. I recall staring at the number at the machine that would show how strong the contractions would be. The number would go up and down. Every time it would go up, I tried to mentally prepare myself but I swear nothing could have ever prepared me for that pain.

Darwin would try to help soothe the discomfort by massaging my back. But he was never a good masseur so I just ended up getting even more frustrated. Then it came to a point where the contractions were just too much for my small self to handle and I practically begged for an epidural.

I was moved into a delivery room and was administered an epidural. Thankfully I have a good tolerance for needles, because apparently that needle is huge (unfortunately, I didn't get to see it for myself). Almost instantly, it eased the pain. One of the side effects I had from it though was uncontrollable shaking (nurse said it was normal). After a while, I felt close to nothing and I was able to fall asleep for a little while.

In the morning, the nurse finally said that I was fully dilated and could start pushing. The routine was to push for a few seconds three times, then to take a short break, and repeat (if you could understand that). With the help of the epidural, I didn't feel much pain. It just felt like I was taking a massive sh*t (a more beautiful, precious one lol).

The thing that hurt the most was when they had to cut a bit of my skin down there to accommodate the baby's size. As well as when they had to sew me back up. That was the worst part of my experience. I think the epidural started to wear off by then because I could actually feel the doctor stitching it all up.

And at last, after 9 long months, my beautiful baby was finally out in the real world on March 23, 2013 at 8:50 am. The day after my birthday. Definitely my single most favourite birthday gift ever.


"There is such a special sweetness
in being able to participate in creation."
- Pamela S. Nadav

Note: Another story worth sharing. Hope you all enjoyed! 

Stay Tuned: My first fashion post. 

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