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Makeup Vanity


Every girl (or most) dreams about having a big vanity to do their makeup in. Unfortunately, not everyone is rich and can afford their dream makeup station. But we can try.

Here's my take on an affordable makeup vanity.

This whole thing takes up a small corner in my room. Since it is a shelf and it is placed fairly high, I could still store stuff below it if I wanted to.

I do love this space, but I do have one issue with it. Because it's in a corner of the room, it does not have a lot of lighting. With that said, I plan on buying a wall lamp or something to fix that problem.

Mirror: from Canadian Tire. | Shelf: glass. from brother's room (lol). 
Chair: from Canadian Tire. 

Silver Tin: holds some of my brushes. from Homesense. 
Mason Jar: holds eyeliners, lip pencils, eyebrow stuff, some mascaras, and some lippies. from an old Bath & Bodyworks candle. 

Glass Mug: holds some primers, eyebrow gels, lash glue, and lip balms. from dollar store.
Silver Tray: (actually the lid of the silver tin). holds nail polishes, Laura Mercier powder, and Dior lip balm. 

Muji Drawer: two tiers. holds lippies, blushes, highlighters, mascaras, bronzers. on top are palettes and my eyelash curler. from Muji. 
On the side: setting sprays, foundations, and Bare Minerals primer. 

What you don't see in these pictures are two things. One; behind the silver tin is a small container that holds two of my beauty blenders. Two; under the silver tray, I keep a pair of false lashes. 


"To me the essence of truly modern makeup
is the freedom to be yourself, to express who you are."
- Francois Nars

Note: As always, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed. 

Stay Tuned: Things I'm testing out.

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