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The Start of Us

I once read somewhere: You will never find the right person if you never let go of the wrong one. That quote couldn't be anymore relatable to this one story I know. And that story just so happens to be the coming of my relationship.

We all have to meet the "wrong ones" before coming across the right one. Unless it was an arranged marriage (which in that case, I hope you've eventually fell in love). What I'm trying to say is both Darwin and I were, without a doubt, alongside the wrong ones before we found each other.

You see, I was with someone who I used to see once a month or sometimes even less than that. We were constantly fighting, if not everyday, every week. "Breaking up to make up" sort of deal. There were always rumours that I would hear about him that did not at all benefit me. Darwin, on the other hand, was dating a girl that had so little trust in him that she had to check in on him every night and make sure he was being faithful. She'd be too controlling to the point where he was even restricted from spending time with his friends. To get right to the point, we were both living unhappily in very unhealthy relationships.

That was until we just so happened to have a mutual friend, Kristine. She was a neighbour and childhood friend to Darwin. To me, she was a friend that I met in high school. I've heard Kristine speak of Darwin on a few occasions in class, but I never really paid it much attention to find out who he really was. He, however, (told me after a while of being friends) knew of me after adding me on Facebook a while back.

Darwin and I were officially introduced to each other on January 7, 2011. On this day, I was with one of my friends and we were going to go to a party. This friend of mine coincidentally lived in the same area as Kristine. So, before going to the party, we decided to go see her. When we called up Kristine, she just so happened to be with Darwin at the time. To sum up what happened, all four of us ended up hanging out for an hour before my friend and I left for the party. On the same night, my boyfriend and I got into a huge argument which resulted in our absolute final break up.

The next morning, I woke up to a few texts from a number that wasn't saved onto my phone. Reading them over and over again, it took me a while to figure out it was that guy (Darwin) from the day before. How did he get my number? Of course, Kristine gave it to him. From there on, we started talking. And that was the initial spark of a soon-to-be big flame.

From that day forward, we texted each other a few times daily. He and I somewhat took the same route home, so I would see him often after school at the subway station. Darwin would always come up to me and greet me with a hug each time he saw me there. Our encounters were limited to those times only. Up until Kristine was introduced to one of Darwin's family friends, Joe. They both thought it was a good idea for us to have a (sorta) double date. Following that, all four of us became really close friends. We started having monthly hangouts, that led to weekly hangouts.

Not-so First Kiss 
Backtracking just a little bit. I believe it was in March. I was supposed to go to a party (yes, another one. woohoo party girl!). But that turned out to be a fail. I didn't want to go home disappointed. Instead, I reached out to Darwin and asked if he wanted to chill. Just my luck, he was free. We ended up spending hours at a park, near his house, talking just about everything. That was the first time we hung out alone. With it still being winter at the time, it got dark really early. When it was dark, and not a soul could see us, we shared our first kiss.

Wait. Hold on. You guys kissed? Isn't he still in a relationship with the other girl? Yes. You guys read that right. We kissed behind his girlfriend's back. But before you judge, let me try to justify everything.

Not a lot of people know Darwin as well as I do. He is an extremely nice person, maybe a little too nice for his own sake. To clarify, Darwin did not have feelings for that girl for a while already and hadn't seen her in a while either. The reason I bring up the fact that he is too nice is because he wasn't the type of person to break up with someone. Darwin had previous girlfriends in the past and they all left him, never the other way around. What I interpret from it is that, he felt the misery of being deserted and didn't want to pass that on to somebody else.

Getting back to the story. After that kiss, we were even closer than ever. He found every possible way to spend more time with me. This guy would give up precious sleep time just to get to the bus stop and catch the same bus as me every morning. Then, every afternoon post-school, meeting me at the infamous Bayview & Steeles. We would be together almost everyday. Wherever I was, Darwin was. Wherever Darwin was, there I was.

This continued on until the end of May. We both had strong feelings for each other and we didn't want to keep it exclusive anymore. The two of us were sick of hiding our affection from the public. That was when the impossible happened. Darwin, the too-nice-for-his-own-good Darwin, stepped out of his shell and finally told the other girl that he could no longer be with her. After that, it was a whole new world. Darwin & I could finally hold hands, kiss, and do whatever normal couples do, in public. And we didn't care who saw us.

A few days later.. June 9, 2011, to be exact, he finally asked me the question. The question that I had been dying to hear for 5 long months. "Nicole, do you want to make it official? Will you be my girlfriend?" 

It's been 5 years since we first met. It feels good to think back and realize all the trials and tribulations that we've gotten through. After June 9, 2011, it wasn't a happily ever after, like in the fairytale books. Darwin and I without question hit many snags along the way to get where we are now. But looking at it from here, I'm proud to say we managed to live through them without losing ourselves and each other. However, our story isn't over yet. He and I will still have to go through a great deal of life's unpleasantries. But to me, it won't matter. As long as I'm experiencing it with the right person, I'm happy.

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