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Hello Twenty-Sixteen

Welcoming in year 2016.

A new year, a fresh start.

It's a new year to make new memories, set and achieve new (or old) goals, and.. Well, just enjoy living. To ring in the year twenty sixteen, I wanted to start this. A way of sharing my life with family, friends, and strangers (who may possibly in the future come to be friends.)

So, here it is. A curation of little aspects in my existence. Journey with me through my take on life. A place where I can disclose my days and thoughts about anything and everything.

Anticipate to find:
Big or small occurrences in my life - struggles, tears, laughs, smiles. The life of a young (though I am turning 21 this year) mom. Memories that are so special that they deserve to be resurfaced. Rants - that may or may not be deleted in the near future. Humble hauls and opinions of things that I buy off the internet (very ?bad? habit of mine) .. And probably a lot more that I can't think of off the top of my head.

For anyone who cares to ride along with me, thanks for reading.



"A journey of a thousand miles
must begin with a single step."

- Lao Tau


  1. You go girl!! 2016 is going to be a good year :) love you niki

    1. Indeed it will be. Thanks Jen! Love you too.


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